Sunday, May 16, 2010

Milestone -- Standing Stones

My husband Bob and I had a great time on Thursday and Friday evening in Goshen, IN talking with the members of Greene Road Church about faith, children and milestones. When we entered the church a display cabinet caught our eyes. On the wall on shelves were 20 stones. Written on each stone is a child’s name and the year they were baptized. When the child makes profession of faith that date is also engraved on the stone and the stone is given to the individual.

These stones are selected by a member of the church, cut and polished by a mason in the church and then the design is made by another member on the computer and sent to an engraver. The congregation is invested in making these stones! These stones are displayed in the church lobby in a cabinet and serve as a testimony both to the people who’s names are on them and to the rest of the congregation that they are part of the spiritual lives of these people, that they have made a commitment to them in baptism and that they are important to the other members of this church.

What a great way to see milestones events recorded!

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Jolanda said...

What a cool idea!